10 Easiest Courses at Athens State University

April 4, 2018 By arjit

10 Easiest Courses at Athens State University

College is not easy, and taking multiple difficult class can easily overwhelm even the most motivated student. Choosing a mix of easy and difficult courses is the perfect way to ensure the workload is not overwhelming. The list below of the 10 easiest courses at Athens State University is here to help students choose the easiest courses of the semester.

charge http://www.talithakuomi.com/38475-nioxin-shampoo-uk.html 1 . AR 314 – Topics in Watercolor

Watercolor can become some of the most beautiful art pieces, without requiring lots of experience. This course is perfect for anyone who wants to fulfill an art requirement without worrying about talent levels of others in the class.

Watercolor artwork

robaxin canada 2. AR 423 – History of Modern Art

Art history courses are almost always a walk in the park. This course follows the history of modern art, and lectures are posted online so students are not required to attend the course.

Modern Art

http://boydsettlements.com/79881-synthroid-cost.html 3. BI 300 – Microbes and You

Microbes are constantly surrounding us. In this course students will learn about the microbes covering their bodies from head to toe, and the benefits and harm of each one. A perfect science course for those who many not enjoy the subject.


exelon share price аppoint 4. CJ 301 – Criminal Justice Process

Criminal justice is an important part of the law system that protects us everyday. Students attending this course will learn about the development of the justice system and the process that each criminal goes through in their time in the system.

A judge stand

http://www.sportsperformancepark.com/74131-fosamax-cost.html photograph 5. DR 310 – Film: History, Development and Evaluation

Watching films is a great american pastime, and this course will discuss what goes into the process of creating a movie. Films will be watched in class, so those lectures are important to attend, but otherwise they are posted online.

A film reel

buy viagra next day delivery 6. EC 310 – Modern Economics

Economics is what makes the world go around, so basic knowledge of it is important in the modern world. Modern Economics teaches students about the basics of economics and how to apply them to the daily world. There is very little out of class work required for the course.

Economics word art

buy synthroid online uk 7. HY 303 – The South In United States History

The south of the US played a big part in American history. HY 303 will discuss the role played by the south in the founding of America, the civil war, and reconstruction.

The "south" in the US

8. EL 320 – Children’s Literature

Who doesn’t love a little bit of nostalgia? This course will remind students of their childhood, by discussing  famous children’s literature. Re-reading these stories as adults will likely bring a new light to student’s favorite stories.

Famous childrens books

9. ITE 301 – Problem Solving With Computers

Computers have become a essential part of the daily lives of nearly every American. Problem Solving with Computers is the perfect course to demonstrate the capabilities that everyday students may be missing. Lectures are very important, but there is almost no homework.

A computer

10. MK 333 – Advertising

Advertising is one of the most important aspects selling products in modern day. MK 333 teaches students what the process of creating a successful advertisement, and how to target specific audiences.

Advertising word art

There is nothing wrong with choosing an easier class or two in a semester, especially if taking difficult courses requiring more out of class work. This list is here to show students of Athens State University what the best courses are to round out their schedule. Plus there’s nothing wrong with taking a course as a GPA booster. Good luck choosing classes next semester!


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